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Find Best looking Properties in UK

If you had a choice on where you wanted to live, would you stay in a posh upmarket area or prefer a middle-class neighborhood...

How we can help

Is something worrying you in your own home? Do you have to commute very long distances between your present residence and your workplace? are the...

Find Best looking Properties in UK

The benefits of staying in a posh neighborhood:

If you had a choice on where you wanted to live, would you stay in a posh upmarket area or prefer a middle-class neighborhood? A lot of people would opt to stay in a posh locale without thinking ever of the implications of having a house in such a place. You can even sell house fast as there will be many takers for it.

Are there any downsides to staying in there?

Staying in an elite upmarket neighborhood may have its ups like being able to move freely with the rich and the elite but on the downside, if you cannot measure up to them, you can feel a lot like a fish out of water.

It can be a mixed bag:

Perhaps, the best advantage of staying in a happening place is that you get to enjoy the best of everything. The best public schools are mostly concentrated in and around such localities and other basic facilities like health care, effective public transport connectivity and recreational areas such as gymnasiums; parks, etc are mostly at the heart of these areas. The best of public schools are also found majorly concentrated in such areas.

Have you ever wondered what the hot shot properties in the heart of London look like? We thought you would be interested in a list. And so here we are with the best of the best residences in the way too best of localities.

  1. The Heron:

if staying at the top floors is your idea of having finally arrived, opt to go for an apartment style living in this condominium that is built right in the heart of the city of London. Outside the view is panoramic 360 degrees view of the city. The best feature is perhaps its floor to ceiling glass windows which allows for seamless watching over the city. To top it, they have luxuriously spaced open terraces that are uniquely owned by each apartment and modular kitchens that so feature rich that you will want to only entertain guests all day long!

  1. A quiet residence for you?

Perhaps the idea of staying in the middle of a hullabaloo does not appeal to you. Then, you can opt for a classy apartment that is not far away from London’s Hyde Park. There is no traffic conundrum and the place is perfect for tension-free living. And then there are cozy balconies for you to sit, meditate and ponder! Wow!!

  1. A bungalow, maybe?

If you don’t prefer condominiums because they feel like match boxes, this bungalow by Q Developments in Coombe Hill is may be the one for you. What does it have? Well, what does it not have?!

Pool, sauna, home theater and bar all personalized with marble accents and six bedrooms, fully furnished, ready to occupy. The sprawling courtyard at its entrance is what we are particularly impressed with! Now, it will be hard to take your eyes away, we bet!

  1. Is quirk for you?

Bishop’s Avenue in Hampstead is famous for superb houses all set in a row. It is euphemistically called as the Billionaire’s row. Here, one of the houses that quite caught our fancy for its quirky architecture has an underground ballroom and a bar that is designed to attract even the teetotalers. The property is from Glentree.

  1. By the Thames?

Very few properties by the river can give you the astonishing kind of view that Neo Bankside can. And this super luxurious apartment with multi-bedroom and high floor to ceiling windows can give you a feeling of traveling in a hot air balloon. Imagine the view, one side the river and the development beyond!

  1. Palatial building:

Bentley Priory, which is a half hour walk from the London City is a building which is presently comprising of twelve stately apartments. Not so long ago during and after the Second World War, it was the headquarters if the Fighting Command. It is a listed property and is one of the most enviable residences in this part of the world. You must look at its parkway, unbelievably beautiful and posh.

  1. Homes fit for the celebrities:

At the Chelsea Embankment, stands the near perfect picture of an eye candy of an apartment and is something that celebrates have and always longed to call it as their residence. Even the like of Robbie Williams! The five-tier security is impressive and so is the design element of the building which gives it a view from all four directions of the property. The terraces are so huge that you can actually not feel like staying indoors.